I've increased diversity by 30% across all of my shows. I even pitched a show last year, three POCs in Park Slope for crying out loud, and they passed on it. You see, I'm not the problem. The problem, I'm afraid to say, is what the public really wants. You see, you can go out there and scream black lives matter, and a whole bunch of people will be with ya. Go and write a drama about people screaming black lives matter, and see how fast people switch you off.

Mr. Carr

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Evil Season 2 Episode 6: "C Is for Cop"
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Evil Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Louie: Does it matter that he thinks it was a gun?
David: That doesn't mean that he's possessed. It just means that he expected there to be a gun due to the driver's race.
Bishop Marx: Is it not also possible that Satan uses racism as a form of diabolical oppression?
Kristen: So, now we think Officer Turley is possessed and not just racist? I'm not proud of that sentence.
Ben: It seems weird to give him what he wants for the grand jury.
David: Nah, this might be bigger than that.

Kristen: Do you remember that guy, that killer who came here to threaten you?
Lexis: LaRoux.
Kristen: Right. So they want to know if I was here, too.
Lexis: Oh. That's easy. You were.
Kristen: Right. And I know that I sent you to be and later, I came upstairs to tuck you in.
Lexis: Is that what you WANT me to say?
Kristen: No, I'm just making sure that that's what happened.
Lexis: I guess that's what could have happened.
Kristen: You don't remember me coming upstairs, tucking you in about 30 minutes later?
Lexis: No, I do. [hesitant] I guess that makes sense to me.
Kristen: OK. Good. Thanks, Lex.
Lexis: Here's the thing, mom. Ben had put in that alarm system, and you couldn't have left because it would have set off the alarm, right?