Nick: Just come down here and bail me out, will ya?
Pete: That might take a little time. I have a little work I got to do on the website and I think I have a haircut coming up in about an hour or so.
Nick: Will you stop screwing around and just get down here and get me out of here? C'mon the po-po is about to throw me in the Click for crying out loud.

The Defenders Season 1 Episode 8: "Nevada v. Killa Diz"
The Defenders
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes, The Defenders Quotes
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Pete: Not sure if that's the most lawyer-y of images, but all right.
Zoe: It's gonna bring in clients.
Nick: You're gonna bring in the hounds!

Let me see that Nick power. Grrr. There you go, c'mon, hit that unspecified gym equipment. Yeah, make it sorry it ever came off of the factory line!