Sophie: Just letting you know, if we die I blame you. None of this would have happened if you just gone to the movies like I told you.
Nate: If I had gone to the movies, you would be in jail right now.

Nate Ford, Sophie Devereaux
Leverage Season 5 Episode 10: "The Frame-Up Job"
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Leverage Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Sophie: I know. I'm going to be slaving away in a dusty old theater, while you sit back. Relax and watch alcoholic repressed insurance cops harassing tragically misunderstand femme fatales.
Nate: You're not supposed to root for the criminals.
Sophie: Always root for the home team.

Nate: Oh hey, I just heard from the others, there's gonna stay in DC.
Sophie: I know, Parker just texted me.