Jonathan: That was incredible.
Clary: You killed a man, Jonathan. A Shadowhunter.
Jonathan: And I did it for you. Seeing him in your arms like that ... so vulnerable. It wasn’t like any kill I’d done before. Clary, it felt so good! You make me good!
Clary: That’s not what good is, Jonathan. Killing like that should never feel good!

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 12: "Original Sin"
Katherine McNamara
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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Isabelle: Thanks again for getting us in.
Meliorn: It’s my pleasure. Always happy to be of service to you and your ... boyfriend?
Simon: We’re just friends.
Isabelle: Good friends.
Meliorn: In that case, we should hang out again sometime. Bring your friend if you like.
[Stunned silence between Izzy and Simon]
Simon: It’s pretty impressive how popular you are with your exes.
Isabelle: Less impressive how quickly they become my exes.
Simon: You just haven’t met the right guy yet.

Shopkeeper: You think I want change? The last thing I need is a Morgenstern using that sword and ripping open the portals of hell.
Jonathan: So, you won’t help me? Okay, I guess if I won’t have your loyalty, I’ll have your fear.
[Jonathan’s eyes change to black]
Jonathan: Where is the sword?
Shopkeeper: Gone. I already sold it.
Jonathan: To who?
Shopkeeper: To “whom”?
[Jonathan slices his throat]
Jonathan: Guess I’ll have to find it out on my own.