Lenore: Listen, not all women can come from just dick alone.
Ray: I haven't heard any complaints.
Lenore: That you know of.

Ray Drecker
Hung Season 1 Episode 9: "This Is America or Fifty Bucks"
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Hung Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Patty: Well, having sex with that guy [Ray] is like doing coke. It's expensive, but you really want it, so you buy it and then you get this huge awesome rush.
Tanya: That's a good thing, right? A huge awesome rush.
Patty: But then you come down from your high and you're broke and you feel even lonelier and more pathetic than you did before and you wanna kill yourself.

Damon: Powell's not into labels, Dad. And quite frankly, neither am I.
Ray: Okay, Damester. (voice-over) Now, I'm not above admitting George Clooney is a handsome man, but this was a whole other thing.