Josh: Who is he?
Mike: This guy Adolf.
Josh: His name is Adolf?
Mike: Yeah.
Josh: Like Adolf Hitler?
Mike: Cool! You know him.
Josh: I know OF him. I thought he died, like, years ago.
Mike: Nahhh. He faked that. He's been hiding in Argentina since like the 40s. I know he's got a weird rep and people think he's sketchy or whatever but, in person, he's actually pretty cool.

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Man Seeking Woman Season 1 Episode 1: "Lizard"
Man Seeking Woman
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Man Seeking Woman Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Liz: Joshua, want to have a little 'look at yourself' moment?
Josh: No, no.
Liz: Do you go to the gym?
Josh: No.
Liz: Do you have a job?
Josh: I, I, I... I'm a temp.
Liz: OK. Well, how does that sound to a lady?
Josh: If she's a temp she'll like it.

Mike: Here. Wear this.
Josh: What is this?
Mike: Robert Graham contrasting tops. You will crush gash!
Josh: What an awful...! Every gash is somebody's daughter!