I’m guilty for loving him. And for hating him. For killing him.


Jeanette: I gave Mallory the snow globe. She wouldn’t give it back, probably to protect you. If you search her room, you’ll probably find it.
Kate: You’re not lying
[Jeanette shakes her head]
Kate: It was really Mallory who saw me.
Jeanette: I didn’t see you.

There is something I wanna say. To the girl who named me, who could’ve cleared all this up sooner but didn’t. Kate Wallis … I forgive you.


Mallory: I saw a woman living freely. Not in a basement. I figured it was Martin Harris’ girlfriend, sister or something.
Kate: You were half right.
Mallory: It didn’t make sense for a missing girl to be in the living room making a call.

Jeanette: Why did you do it?
Jamie: I thought I was defending Kate. I didn’t have a reason not to believe her.
Jeanette: Over me? You knew me!
Jamie: Yeah…
Jeanette: And now? Who do you believe?

Jeanette: Kate Wallis went to Martin Harris’ house willingly.
Denise: This is not the narrative that she’s presented on the record. It’s a glaring inconsistency in Kate’s story. This could help demonstrate that Kate bent the truth.
Jeanette: Kate won’t contribute to a narrative that paints her anything less than a saint. In reality, she’s a huge liar and now we have proof.

Jamie: Everyone at school today has been torturing her!
Vince: You kinda made it open season when you gave her a black eye!

Jeanette: I have news, Mallory.
Mallory: I don’t care! You abandoned me!
Jeanette: I have a good reason. Kate Wallis…
Mallory: Shut up about Kate Wallis! A) she’s the worst, and B) she’s way out of your league.
Jeanette: She’s not.
Mallory: What’s wrong with your league? Our league with me and Vince?
Jeanette: Nothing! That’s not what I meant.

Kate: Why isn’t she running faster?
Ashley: Because she’s running in heels.
Kate: No, she’s … run faster! He’s gaining on you! He’s gaining on you! Go, run! He’s gonna get you! Run!

Before you go calling me names and making me out to be the bad guy, I want you to remember EXACTLY how you ended up here.


Kate: Then why would you send this letter?!
Joy: Because you need a bad guy! That is what motivates you since the time you were a little thing and I needed you to take this lawsuit seriously!
[Joy walks closer to Kate]
Joy: I didn’t protect you from Martin Harris, and I’m sorry. But I will die trying to protect you from everything else, even if you hate me for it.
Kate: I miss you too.

Jamie: I’m planning on getting Kate a promise ring for her birthday.
Rod: That’s a pretty big commitment at 16.

Freeform Quotes

Jace: You experimented on me?
Valentine: I made you stronger, faster; more lethal than any other Shadowhunter.
Jace: Why?
Valentine: To create the perfect weapon, the ideal marriage of good and evil: A Shadowhunter with pure demon blood.

Isabelle: Any word from the Clave?
Lydia: Not yet. We've been trying for the past four hours. Something's up.
Magnus: Hmmm. The Clave being unhelpful? Who's shocked?! Show of hands.