I need you to know that none of that worked on me. I see you. I know what you are. I don't want to be a babysitter; I don't want to be a carer. I don't want to be a mother, especially to you. You don't have a future on my desk because you've never displayed that you have any value. To me, you're worthless.


Buy the dip. Short the VIX. Fuck Bitcoin.


Okay, what if I said I didn't see your talent? What if I saw you as a walking PR disaster? Shall I be more cynical, or, um, honest as you say because cynicism's just honesty in code and say that you are a hyper-intelligent minority at Pierpoint.


I knew Kaspar intimately. He didn't know the first thing about me, but he needed me. Twenty-year relationship. I was who he wanted me to be. Just tell them what they need to hear to survive the day. Make yourself big in your life, Rob. They'll fall in love with you.


Any success I might have doesn't have to come at a cost to you.


While my baseline was fulfilling the needs of the desk, I also stood out on my own. I formulated over two dozen bespoke macro trading strategies across a number of instruments, vanilla cash equities to exotic derivatives, leveraging at all points our different silos on the floor, and cross-selling products at every opportunity. I can say confidently that by sales credits I'm the standout grad in front of you today, and I want to prove that this track record of producing at the highest level isn't a one-time thing. I have carried the culture of the firm, led us with integrity, and thought like an owner. It's in my blood. I'm a Pierpoint person.


Sara: So we've had very good reports about you.
Gus: From who? I wasn't given a mentor, every time I was proactive I was shut down, the desk politics meant that I was effectively invisible.

A guy died. The bank was responsible. Your job was to elide that responsibility. I can testify to the culture of this place, a culture that you do your best to hide.


Harper: You know that I deserve to be here.
Daria: Harper, please just try and get some sleep tonight. But I wouldn't be your friend and your boss if I didn't tell you that I'm not convinced this environment mixes well with whatever it is you're going through.

Robert: So, have you ever thought about getting help?
Clement: Yeah, I've been at those meetings. There's this one guy I remember -- smart lad -- kept telling me to replace the alibis of exceptionality that masqueraded as self-knowledge. With what? The polyester clich├ęs of recovery? Fuck that.

Yasmin: You obviously don't want me to say anything.
Hilary: You always have a choice. But are you a team player, Yasmin? Because I like to hire team players.

If I know anything, it's that I have worked so that men can no longer make unilateral decisions in airless rooms.


HBO Quotes

Every successful business is full of people who spent money nurturing unremarkable talent.


Eric: Why are you here then?
Harper: Well, it's not a very political answer, but I think mediocrity is too well hidden by parents who hire private tutors. I am here on my own.