Welcome to her meet and greet. It’s Sasha Colby!

Michelle Visage

Gather her! It’s Mistress Isabelle Brooks.

Michelle Visage

Paris. Milan. New Jersey. Luxx Noir London!

Michelle Visage

Drag is not a crime, but looking this sickening should be.


Bad bitchery is as bad bitchery does.

Robin Fierce

I’m quitting drag. You’re welcome.

Princess Poppy

I may have gone home first, but I’m also a bitch.

Irene Dubois

Ain’t no rest for this bitchface.


[In confessional] We still have one more challenge left. Eye on that prize. Eye on the grand finale. I see you! You’re mine! And I’m coming to get you.

Sasha Colby

All that’s left for me to win is the crown.


[In confessional] Karma is a dish best served cold. You thought you got me. Whose face is the egg on now? Not mine. Yours.

Luxx Noir London

She was fierce competition, but when you play a dirty game, sometimes you get dirty results.

Luxx Noir London

MTV Quotes

Irene Dubois: You are out of breath already!
Aura Mayari: Girl, I was doing too much.
Irene Dubois: You were doing the utmost!
[They all laugh]

Luxx Noir London: It’s so pretty in here. Oh my god!
Irene Dubois: It’s very nice. It reminds me of your face.
Luxx Noir London: Ugh, thank you!
Irene Dubois: Brick. [Laughs]

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