[In confessional] Wow, I don’t need to lie about it anymore. I am The Mole. And I loved every single minute of it.


The Mole is … Kesi! Will, you won!

Alex Wagner

[In confessional] I know Kesi is better than that. She didn’t need the suction cup to make it across that pole. She intentionally shorted it.


[In confessional] I am absolutely determined to get at least one canister. But I am absolutely determined to not get all three.


Avori: You do not think you’re going home!
Kesi: I never said that I thought I was going home. No one here thinks they’re going home.
Avori: It just makes no sense.
Kesi: It doesn’t have to make sense to you, actually.

[In confessional] He’s not listening to me. And I found that very suspicious because it would be the perfect opportunity for us to not move forward or bring any money home.


[In confessional] We found the block. Joi wasted so much time already. It seemed very Mole-like.


[In confessional] Nothing’s ever sat right with me the way she goes about missions. You eventually have to ask yourself, “Can it really be this obvious, or could this girl be The Mole?”


Kesi: We’ve been playing this game for a while. It’s interesting to see who always throws shade at this table. Who’s so concerned about diverting attention in different directions. That’s noteworthy too.
Avori: It’s a strategy to call out people that you aren’t suspicious of to try and throw other people off, so that’s not working.
Joi: Wooooow, that’s something The Mole would say. [Laughs]
Avori: If you take the quiz tonight me, then you’re going home. I’m not The Mole.

[In confessional] Who plays Rock, Paper, Scissors for $10,000?!


[In confessional] If other players don’t trust me, that doesn’t matter. What matters is if they’ll listen to me. Do I trust Avori in this position? I wouldn’t trust Avori to pass me the salt and pepper. If she is The Mole, she could sabotage the whole thing.


Greg: I played my game.
Alex Wagner: You did!
Greg: And I think she got me. I felt like my strategy was working, but I don’t know if Joi is the reason I’m standing out here with you right now.

Netflix Quotes

Jack: Alyssa is not Salvador!
Vera: She knows all our strengths and all our weaknesses. That makes her exceedingly dangerous.
Jack: Why do you hate her so much?
[Vera stares at him]
Vera: Mr. Morton, you’re relieved from temple duties until further notice.
Jack: You’re benching me?!
Vera: Your infatuation has become a liability.
[Vera walks away]
Jack: Yeah, well, you’re welcome for saving your life!
Vera: I said, “Thank you.”

I do not exist. I exist only if the motherland exists.