Nice house, Jimmy. I see, you the one who had to clean up to come see me cause you know you ain’t nothing, never been nothing. This your life. Your prime over, and all you’ve got is nasty words. I won. I got the good life. I got the money. I got the house. I got the business, I got the respect, love, and you got nothing. You’re just an old, worn down dog. You ain’t shit. Never have been.


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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 12: "Here"
Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I realized something. I ain’t got to worry about the Landrys bringing us down. I’ve got to worry about enemies, for what? When I’ve got a sister like Nova Bordelon right here.

Ralph Angel

Ralph Angel: What are you doing here, Nova?
Nova: I heard you’re handing out second chances, thought I’d try my luck.