Kyle: No, Ike. You can't come to school with me!
Cartman: Yeah. Go home, you little dildo.
Kyle: What?! Dude! Don't call my little brother a dildo!
Stan: What's a dildo?
Kyle: I don't know... But I'll bet Cartman doesn't know what it means!
Cartman: I do TOO know what it means!
Kyle: Okay, then... What?
Cartman: I'm not telling you...

Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski
South Park Season 1 Episode 1: "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"
South Park
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South Park Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Kitty: Meow.
Cartman: No kitty, this is my pot-pie.
Kitty: Meow.
Cartman: No KITTY, THIS IS MY POT-PIE! MOM! Kitty's being a dildo!
Liane Cartman: Well then, I know a certain kitty-kitty whose sleeping with mommy tonight.
Cartman: What?

Kyle: Dude, I have to save Ike! I don't even know what to do!
Stan: Well, we can't do anything now; that fat bitch won't let us!
Ms. Crabtree: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?
Stan: I said that rabbits eat lettuce.
Ms. Crabtree: Oh. Well, yes, they certainly do...