Jamie: Ask your husband where the train station is and how many times he's been there. You want to know the real price for protecting the ranch? I don't think you do. If the goal is protecting the ranch from future generations of which you have none, then monetizing the ranch is the only option. The airport was the only option, and you fuckin' know it! You're a businesswoman. How's the cow business treatin' you, Beth? You see any long-term plays there? You know all of this! And you can't convince him. Well, I am guaranteeing the ranch is passed down to Tate, to my son, to their children someday. That is the promise that I made, and that is the promise I'm gonna keep. The greatest threat to that ranch is our father. And you know that, too. So I will remove the threat. [Sarah appears]
Beth: You'll take your approval anywhere you can find it, won't you, Jamie? Bet you're one expensive hooker. Enjoying your marionette?
Sarah: Every inch of him.
Beth: OK. So, it's war.
Jamie: War's over, Beth.
Beth: No, Jamie. War is just beginning.

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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8: "A Knife And No Coin"
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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Jimmy: I'm happy.
Emily: You should be. Hope you been buyin' lottery tickets as lucky as you got.

I didn't say stop rubbin'. Your work day ain't over, baby.