Dani: Jessica Whitly.
Gil: What about her?Dani: Look, I know that you care about her and this is really none of my business. 
Gil: You're right on both counts. 
Dani: But that night at Endicott's, you were careless, and it cost you. Gil, you almost died, and I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but none of this ever had to happen.
Gil: You saying it's my fault I got stabbed?
Dani: No, no you're the best cop that I know. The night you got stabbed, you were not that cop ... going in alone, being the hero cop. And that was because of her. 

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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 1: "It's All in the Execution "
Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Dani: Bright! You were supposed to wait for us to anchor the tether.
Malcolm: Seems like you anchored the tether.
JT: Anchor that tether, Edrisa!
Edrisa: On it! I went through a light bondage phase in Hoboken. I'm great with knots.

This ledge is taken.