Love: You and your beautiful daughter, you need to run. Disappear. Ryan is just the beginning of what he'll do.
Marienne: Then why, aren't you running too?
Love: It's not that simple for me.
Marienne: No, Okay listen to me, maybe it's not my place. Maybe you think you owe it to your kid, or maybe you're clinging to when things worked, but please, if there is ever even for a fleeting moment a tiny moment a tiny voice in your head, and that tiny voice is saying "I deserve better," listen to her. That's your partner. That's you real true love, and if you betray her long enough, you wil lose her. Trust me. I'm still tryingn to get mine back.

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YOU Season 3 Episode 10: "What is Love?"
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YOU Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

You poor dumb kid. I'm so sorry.

Joe Voiceover

Love: So to really fucking start a new chapter, I think it's really time for us to start trying for another baby, Joe. Joe: I want nothing more in the world, Love. Let's do it.