Cassie: Then we do things my way. Stick together, have each others backs. Nothing impulsive.
Jenny: Says the girl who told me to punch her in the face.
Cassie: Not our finest moment.

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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 4: "Unfinished Business"
Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Helen: Do you have something to do with those missing girls, Ronald?
Ronald: How dare you.
Helen: I would hope you would be counted on to do the right thing. I will do the right thing. Trust that.
Ronald: Sometimes doing the right thing has to give way to doing what's necessary. I will do what's necessary.

Oh, sweetheart, I continue to believe there's more good in you than bad. But the day I come to believe otherwise, that there's more bad in you than good, that's a terrible day for me. For you.

Helen [to Ronald]