DeLuca: Hey, can I ask you a question?
Meredith: Yeah.
DeLuca: How can you stand there and tell Garrett to fight for love when you won't even fight for it?
Meredith: What?
DeLuca: Nothing, I used to think you were so beyond me, but you're not. You're like a kid. Playing hide and seek, hiding behind excuses.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12: "Girlfriend in a Coma"
Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12 Quotes

DeLuca: Why do you keep stringing him along?
Meredith: Excuse me?
DeLuca: You heard me. Link. He likes you. You keep giving him false hope.
Meredith: Who says it's false?

Jo: You are in a love triangle.
Meredith: There is no love. There is no triangle.