Lafayette: They say the sins of the father are passed down. I wish my sins had been passed down. If Davis had been a son of a bitch, a bull, like me, he’d still be alive. But, he took after his mother, God rest her soul.
Boaz: I was angry for a long time. Then one day, I woke up at peace.
Lafayette: Peace? Not really my nature.
Boaz: I never said it lasted.
Lafayette: What took its place?
Boaz: Revenge.
Lafayette: Now that’s something I can drink to.

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Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 1: "Fantasmas"
Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Before you go drawing any bubble baths or making PB&Js, I’ve got a few questions for you, 007.


There was a time when I was always running for my life. Being chased, barely surviving. Now, I’m the one who does the hunting.