Lilith: Oh, anger isn’t a good look on you. Neither are those clothes.
[She snaps her fingers and two acolytes appear beside Clary]
Lilith: Get her cleaned up and into a change of clothes for her brother’s rebirth. Perhaps something blue? That’s what your kind wears when a lost returns, isn’t it?

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 10: "Erchomai"
Katherine McNamara
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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Clary: Let me talk to him. Please. Give him back to me. I can’t lose him again.
Jace: There is no version of this where your Jace wakes up and comes home.
Clary: Jace, if you can hear me in there. I will never give up on you. Never.
[She head butts Jace and runs for it. He catches her.]
Jace: The life you knew is gone. You belong to Lilith now.

Simon: I am so sorry.
Becky: I’ve read enough YA to know what happens. So, how long is it until I turn?
Simon: You won’t, I promise. You have to have died with my blood in your system then get buried and then ... feed as soon as you crawl out of your own grave.
Becky: Oh, Simon. You went through all of that on your own? You died? [She cries]
Simon: Medically speaking, yeah.
Becky: Well, I guess all your sketchy behavior makes sense now.