Jordan: Oh, for God's sake, Perry! Adjust your bra, man up, and fire the one with the least pathetic story!
Dr. Cox: Do you really think I know any of these people's stories?
Janitor: Well, let me fill you in. First we have Hank - four kids, trying to make it on a dishwasher's salary. Next one is Mike - lost half his leg in a motorcycle accident. And then there's Judy - been here thirty years, just two away from retirement.
Jordan: You''re friends with all these people?
Janitor: You kidding me? I read their files. I read everybody's files, Ms. Manic-Depressive, Dr. Drinks-A-Lot.

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Perry Cox, The Janitor, Jordan Sullivan
Scrubs Season 4 Episode 17: "My Life in Four Cameras"
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Scrubs Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Okay, Perry! That's it, it's over. The only act left to see is you firing that guy.

Dr. Kelso

Unfortunately, around here things don't always end as neat and tidy as they do in sitcoms. Relationships aren't always magically fixed in thirty minutes - you have to work on them.

J.D.'s narration