Andy: Or, I could just not drink.
Jill: What?
Andy: If it makes you uncomfortable, I won't drink.
Jill: You can do that?
Andy: Absolutely.
Jill: Oh my god, I love that you would do that for me. And I hate you because you can.

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Mom Season 7 Episode 7: "Pork Butt and a Mall Walker"
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Mom Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Seymour is a very vigorous 72.


Christy: Why are you so hung up on having couple friends?
Bonnie: It's what you do when you get married. You cultivate relationships with other couples. You go to movies together, you meet for sushi, you stay at their beach house. They had a beach house.
Christy: Really? Do they have any kids my age?