Petra: You need to leave.
Jane: Why?
Petra: Because I'm upset with you, Jane.
Jane: Clearly, but why?
Petra: Why do you think? Okay, first you abandon me and now this whole maid of honor thing. I've never been one. Okay? And even though I don't want to wear some poofy mint green dress, I was willing to do it because it's something people do when they have good friends, and you are my only chance.
Jane: Oh, Petra.

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Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Quotes
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Jane the Virgin Quotes

I know it's hard to see. But I do believe there's a plan. To all of this. And I know you are going to be okay.


Jane: This is so stupid! I'm married. I wanted it to be gone. I don't know. I just.. I feel weird. Like... I lost something, like a part of my identity.
Xo: Yeah, I get that. And I blame the flower.
Jane: What?
Xo: It's perfect, untouched. Then crumple it up, now it's ruined.
Jane: I know I'm not ruined.
Xo: But you feel like you lost something, and you didn't. You just gained something. A whole new dimension of your life, your relationship.