Eric: Oh sweetie dont be a fool.
Jason: If I want to be a fool then I will be a fool! That is my God given right as an American!

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Jason Stackhouse, Eric Northman
True Blood Season 5 Episode 12: "Save Yourself"
True Blood
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True Blood Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Jason: Something funny fanger?
Eric: Yes blood bag.
Jason: Leach.
Eric: Breather.
Jason: Dead fu-k.
Eric: Meat sack.
Sookie: Stop acting like children.
Nora: You smell like something I once dreamed of.
Sookie: Eric please ask your sister to stop looking at me like that.

Nora: What is she?
Eric: She is a waitress.

True Blood Season 5 Episode 12 Music

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Stabbing westward save yourself Save Yourself Stabbing Westward iTunes
Brick dazz Dazz Brick iTunes