Okay, Bill. Miss Potts. [removes his glasses] I’m the only person you’ve ever met or will ever meet who is officially licensed to kick the Doctor’s arse. I will happily do the same to you in the event that you do not align yourself with any instructions that I have issued which I personally judge to be in the best interest of your safety and survival. [puts his glasses back on] Okay, Bill?


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Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 7: "Extremis"
Doctor Who
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Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Only in darkness are we revealed. [...] Goodness is not goodness that seeks advantage. Good is good in the final hour, in the deepest pit, without hope, without witness, without reward. Virtue is only virtue in extremis. This is what *he* believes, and this is the reason above all I love him, my husband. My madman in a box. My Doctor.

Nardole [quoting River Song]

Penny: That was the pope! Bill, that was the *pope*!
Bill [resigned]: Yeah… I am about to have a *truly* awesome word with someone…