On the plus side, I wouldn't have been arrested. Plus side for me, anyway. Popcorn, anyone?


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Timeless Season 2 Episode 8: "The Day Reagan Was Shot"
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Timeless Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Lucy: OK. Enough. You've put brooding like a Real Housewife all week.
Rufus: No, I haven't ... you watch the "Real Housewives?"
Lucy: Yes, Rufus. Many people watch truly-awful-for-them-yet-delicious television.

Jiya: I know what you're doing.
Rufus: What am I doing?
Jiya: You're pushing me away.
Rufus: No, I'm not.
Jiya: My dad did the same thing when he thought he was going to die. It doesn't work you know. It just makes you look like a douche bag.