Kidd: Hey boys, you hear Gallo got cooked this morning? Welcome him to the club.
All: Hey.
Cruz: You’re a real firefighter now.
Kidd: Hey Herrmann, show him your scar.
Herrmann: Shut up. All right, look, back in ’92 I pulled a couple of newlyweds out of a burning vehicle. Cindy, she says it kinda looks like Texas.
Cruz: Burning embers got caught up in my collar at a boarding school fire about six years ago. Hey Tony, show him you ears.
Tony: Always wear your hood Gallo.
Gallo: OK, where was yours?
Kidd: Ha, nice trice. Only Kelly gets to see that one.

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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 14: "Shut It Down"
Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Mouch: Renting or buying?
Cruz: Renting.
Mouch: That’s a mistake.
Cruz: How often am I gonna need to wear a tuxedo?
Mouch: They say dress for the job you want.
Cruz: I have the job I want.

Mouch: Finally, you engine boys will have some adult supervision.
Herrmann: You do know how to pump hose, right?
Mouch: Spent my first five years riding engine, Herrmann.
Herrmann: Yeah, heads up. It’s Lt. Herrmann. Welcome aboard buddy.