Bull: Jules, I am not window dressing, I'm the damned window. You hired me, remember?
Jules: You bet I did, and image is everything, and you don't rep guilty men.
Bull: Listen to me, science is everything, and my team and I have spent every waking hour combing research and data to formulate this game plan.

Marisa: Our focus will be on people who don't like high drama, pageants, spectacles of any kind.
Bull: Canadians, essentially.

Bull: You really like to refer to yourself in the third person, don't you, Jules?
Jules: A lot of people do that.
Bull: The only ones who do it more than you are Donald Trump and Elmo.

Bull: You don't get my help by lying about hiring me.
Jules: Got you here, didn't it?
Bull: Yeah, well so would a text with a smiley face emoji. You pull that crap again and I'll be on Gail King saying how you did hire me but I quit because I couldn't believe how guilty I found you.

Philip: Can I ask you something? You said when you were younger you did terrible things. What things?
Gabriel: When you signed up, how much did you know about what we did before and after the war?
Philip: People were talking about it.
Gabriel: What did you think about it?
Philip: I didn't. I didn't ask questions.
Gabriel: Well, it was bad. It was worse than you can imagine. People were shot, worked to death in the camps. Some were counter-revolutionaries, but some hadn't done anything. Just people. I did it, too.
Philip: why?
Gabriel: To set an example. The organization was full of people who were scared and confused.
Philip: But not you.
Gabriel: No. I believed I was acting in the service of a higher purpose, but I was just scared. It was terrible, terrible times. And a lot of us didn't make it out of there.

Diedre: Are you planning on moving to Topeka?
Philip: No. Why? What if I did?
Diedre: Because I just want to be together like two normal people right now.

Paige: I knew America did terrible things, but I never thought, I mean, people's food?
Elizabeth: I know it's hard understanding these things, seeing these things, but the world doesn't work the way people here think that it does.

You were right about Paige. She should be kept out of all of this.


Philip: Is Stan Beeman's new girlfriend one of us?
Gabriel: Are you serious? You're losing it, Philip.
Philip: That's not an answer, Gabriel.
Gabriel: No. It's possible the centre wouldn't tell me because they knew you'd ask me this question, but as far as I know, she is not one of us.

LaSalle: Honestly, I don't know what I felt. Maybe I could have been a little jealous.
Percy: Maybe I could have let Nadine go.

Percy: You [mean we're going to trick [Nadine]?
Pride: We're going to trick her, to save her life and to keep Boko Haram from getting those guns. And that's going to have to be enough for you.

I know no one wants to hear they're just an avatar in a digital prison, but sometimes that happens and here we are.

Simmons [to Mace]