How much of this is bullshit? You've gone through an awful lot of trouble to throw me off track I must be on to a thing or two.


This was a test of your leadership abilities, and you failed.


Everybody's gotta be a goddamn hero.


Donnie's Mom: I've been expecting a visit. And here you are. Alone.
Isaac: Doesn't have to be like this.
Donnie's Mom: Son, you made your decision long before you came to my door.
Isaac: If it's not me, it's somebody else. I can't stop that. You can run.

Malia: There never was a Stiles, was there?
Scott: It doesn't even seem like a real name.

Finstock: Look at that, the humility, the grace. Sure that wasn't lacrosse we played out there tonight. That was la-crap! But you, you stayed on the field, while the rest of these losers ran inside.
Liam: Coach, we lost. We lost everything.
Finstock: Listen to the despair. The rage simmering underneath it. See that people? He still thinks he can win. That's why next time, he will win because he will find a way! Now, show your new captain some love, you pukes!

It's all right, Agent Simmons, I won't bleed out. The synthetic blood is mostly for appearances' sake.


Stiles is real. I know it.


I've known Claudia since high school. I trust her.

Natalie Martin

Facts can be twisted, but you can't fake the look in their eye when somebody's telling the truth.

Donnie's Mom

Bob Lee: I want to talk about the change in the mission.
Isaac: I didn't change the mission, gunney, I changed your role in it.

Chris: You know that bloodlust you felt? I've seen that look before. When I was your age, I saw someone lose control and slaughter an innocent, and I did nothing.
Malia: I'm not that werewolf.
Chris: It wasn't a werewolf. It was a hunter, and she made excuses, made a very convincing case that lethal force was necessary, but it wasn't. And if I had done something that night, then maybe my sister won't be the monster that she is today.
Malia: Kate.
Chris: Animals lose control. You're not just an animal, Malia. You're a human. You stay that way by getting involved.