So which Beck are you? The one I see, or the one Benji does?

Joe Voiceover

Paco: It's cool how you get in the monster's POV. You understand why he does stuff. Almost like it's, um ...
Joe: Justified?
Paco: Yeah, but then it's weird because he's bad but not all bad. I mean, maybe Dr. Frankenstein is the bad one for even making him, right?
Joe: Well, I think it's open to your interpretation.

Joe: Shes taking me to a Salinger party.
Benji: A Salinger party? Joe. She's taking you to add texture. She wants to seem interesting like she hangs out with real folk. She's deep. Shes an artist. Truth? Beck will always leave someone like you for someone who can take her places.

You think I need some illiterate working in my shop! You want to work at the shop, you learn the value of these books.


Today's the day, Beck. It just feels right, right? I'm looking forward to it, and I think, obvious hangover aside, you are too. But I've read people wrong in the past. One day, I'll tell you about Candice. Every red flag I was blind to. How destroyed I was, what can I say? We all have baggage.

Joe Voiceover

Why would I want to kill him? Who wants to kill people?

Joe Voiceover

I'm starting to think I'm some kind of magnet for dudes with issues.


Peach: Now Joseph ...
Joe: Just, just Joe.
Peach: I'm going to have to borrow our friend here, so make yourself at home. Everyone here is friendly. Brown people don't bite. [Pauses] Alumni? Where'd you go?
Joe: I didn't.

Trace: Mick, it's all good. I'm handling it.
Mick: You are, because you have integrity which is why I went into business with you in the first place.
Trace: Great, well, I'm interviewing managers this afternoon and we're in the process of setting up a new accounting system.
Mick: That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is, you can't promise me it won't happen again, because you may not be here to see that it doesn't. Look, when I go into business with somebody, it's face to face. That's not what's been going on here. You've been running this place in absentia. I lost more money canceling meetings in New York then I'm ever gonna get back here, no matter how long this place stays open. So if we're keeping the club, and I do wanna keep it, from now on, we do it my way.
Trace: That's not what we agreed to.
Mick: I think you should take another look at the contract. That's exactly what we agreed to.

Kevin: Sarah told me today that she might be transferring to the Philadelphia Fire Department.
Connor: Aw, that's a tough one.
Kevin: Yeah, what's really tough is I can't exactly tell her not to go, 'cause I don't know where I'm gonna be.
Connor: What are you going to do?
Kevin: I don't know.

Trace: Well that's just it. I mean Greg Lanier's online books were all in order.
Mick: But?
Trace: But it appears he falsified vendor invoices, paying out far more than we ever received.
Mick: So he pocketed the difference?
Trace: He might have, or maybe the business just got away from him, and he started funneling money from one place to the next to pay bills.
Mick: How much is left?
Trace: We took a huge hit, Mick.

Trace: So how long can you keep doing this?
Abby: Doing what?
Trace: Making homemade ice cream, going to pottery classes, and planning all-day scavenger hunts before you go to work at night?
Abby: I'm just trying to spend quality time with my daughters.
Trace: Abby, it's not a competition.You know, Ms. Marvel is just Wes's girlfriend. She's not you.