We are not betraying the one friend that we have here.


Harper: Wait! What are you doing?
Clarke: Stopping the cycle.

Charles: Who are you?
Liza: I think if you're asking you probably know.
Charles: I thought I did.

Pauline: You know, you'd think the lying would get easier but the more it accumulates, the harder it gets.
Liza: Believe what you're saying is true, keep your answers short, and remember these people are here because you gave them hope.
Pauline: Yep, false hope.

Charles: Pauline and I are getting a divorce.
Liza: What?
Diana: Oh, Charles. I am so sorry. What are we going to do about the book tour? It starts tomorrow.
Charles: Everything goes forward as planned. I was never part of the publicity.
Diana: Not officially. The book has been gaining momentum because people thought it resulted in the author and her husband getting back together.
Charles: I don't know what to say, Diana. I'm not going to live my life to fit the novel.

Lauren: Kelsey got onto Yara.
Josh: Wow, this is like Tinder for the Illuminati, right?

Nicky: Are you saying I'm a fish?
Mia: I'm saying you're trying to live in a world you're not from.

If you don't protect your property, the wolves will come.

Smurf [to J]

I hate to speak ill of the incarcerated, but Smurf could be a real ballbuster.


What we do is hard enough without relationship problems. She'll ruin your life.

Deran [to J]

If J can spot a tail, I sure as hell can.


If there's something you want to ask me, just ask.

Mia[to Nicky]