Leonard: They will spare no expense to destroy you and they will salt the earth when they are done.
Seth: Is this a pep talk?

Laura: Babies with sixteen year old mothers go into foster care. But babies on their own, they get adopted into nice families.
Nat: Laura, this is your baby. You'll never see her again.
Laura: I know.

Sharon: It turns out the pizza room was the source of the problem, so I shut it down.
Peter: No. No, no, no. The board's not going to let you do that.
Sharon: Why not? It was influencing the decision making of ambulance crews.
Peter: And it's making this hospital a lot of money.

April: Why are you fighting so hard for this guy?
Will: Because it's not my job to judge him.

There are no right answers with cystic fibrosis. It's relentless, and impervious to whatever we throw at it. Every decision you made for your son, you made out of love. And I believe whenever you do something out of love, it can never really be wrong.


Incompetent? Who cares? The man is a pedophile. Okay? He wants to die, why don't we just let him?


April: How was the night shift?
Ethan: Only got puked on twice.
April: Sounds like it was a good night.

Lou: This town is a shell of what it used to be. I want to make a statement.
Principal: This is over your head. Your job is on the line.

Being a parent, we sometimes have to make decisions, and hope and pray that they are the right ones.


She just lifted up my bed and said that you're Black Lightning.


I voted for you two times!

Security Guard

Lou: They've taken it out of our budget.
Tracey: Did they account for the depreciation? That crap was 30 years old.