I know there's money missing from the restaurant fund.


Mike: I just want you to be happy Rach. That's all I ever wanted, and if David makes you happy...
Rachel: We broke up. A couple of weeks ago.

Al: Well, you're a curmudgeony, moody, cranky son of a bitch.
Mike: Thanks. I learned from the best.
Al: But you have a marshmallow center.

Besides, the Cubs will never win it.


Eliot: It's a little weird going on your date with you.
Ginny: It's not a date. A little mild stalking...

There had to be one voice, my voice. So I did the thing that scared me the most.


What is wrong with people? Since when did everyone stop caring about how I feel?


Go home. Find my brother. I miss him. When you do, I will support you all the way. You know that.


It's about damn time. You had us all worried. I thought we were going to have to take you to some Magic Mike type place or something like that.


Amelia: I'm also shopping memoirs.
Evelyn: She's twenty-three does she even have memoirs yet?

One day you're going to regret this. One day you're going to be at your lowest point and you're going to need someone. And it's not going to be your dead father. It's not going to be your conman brother. It's going to be me, and I'm not going to be there for you.


You're lying Will. You've been lying since you got here.