Eli: Patti, you know that box you've been keeping for me with all the faxes and letters from potential clients?
Patti: You mean the wackadoo file?
Eli: I mean the box with all the fascinating complex legal dilemmas that could one day end up in the Supreme Court.
Patti: Well what I have is a box full of cases from the nutballs that saw you on the news--the wackadoo file?
Eli: Could I just have it?

Eli Stone, Patti Dellacroix
Eli Stone Season 2 Episode 4: "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"
Eli Stone
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Eli Stone Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Eli: You're the best, Patti.
Patti: I assume that'll be reflected in my Christmas bonus?

Patti: Can you believe how easily people are bought?
Eli: The exodus has begun.
Patti: Only the morally bankrupt and weak-minded. No one liked your wife's banana bread. We only ate it to be polite!