House: People act in their own self-interest. You're all here because you're happy to be here. Or at least because it's your best option.
Kutner: I'm here because I want to help people.
House: No, you're here because it makes you feel good to help people. Taub and Foreman are here because they've got no other viable options. And Thirteen is desperate to make her life matter before it's over.
Taub: So... you're happy to be here?
House: Does it show?

Dr. Gregory House, Chris Taub
House Season 5 Episode 14: "The Greater Good"
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House Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Thirteen: Dr. House gets a few perks.
Dana: He has his own scanner?
Thirteen: No, just very loose interpretations of hospital procedure.

Chef Anthony: Are you going to chop those onions or give them a Thai massage?
Dana: Well, I guess a happy ending is out of the question.
Chef Anthony: I don't recall adding snide remarks to your list of duties.
Dana: Just taking initiative.