Bonnie: I just want to do whatever it takes to repair our relationship.
Davia: I really appreciate that, and there is something you can do.
Bonnie: Anything.
Davia: Please, don't hit on Dennis' dad.

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Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 7: "Turkey For Me, Turkey For You"
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes, Good Trouble Quotes
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Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Lena: You high?
Jude: A little. Okay a lot.
Lena: Jude, it's Thanksgiving.
Jude: Yeah, I know. It's the perfect time to have the munchies, and there are a lot of people I don't know here.
Lena: Ok, I get it. It's a little overwhelming.
Jude: You want a gummy?

As Lyric's biological father, I have to insist on having the last word on this.