Joey: Rach, these are for you.
Rachel: Wiper blades. I don't even have a car.
Joey: No, but with this new car smell, you'll think you do.

Rachel Green, Joey Tribbiani
Friends Season 2 Episode 9: "The One with Phoebe's Dad"
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Friends Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Mr. Treeger: So, uh, is this mistletoe?
Rachel: Huh-huh, no.. no, uh, that, that is basil.
Mr. Treeger: Ah, if it was mistletoe, I was gonna kiss you.
Rachel: Yeah, no, it's still basil.

Phoebe: (Handing Chandler a piece of paper) Alright, here, you have to hold this.
Chandler: Okay. (Reading paper) Brake left, gas right?
Phoebe: Yeah, that's my cheat sheet.
Chandler: Where's my seat belt?
Phoebe: Oh, no, no, that side doesn't have one. The paramedics had to cut through it.
(Chandler jumps out the car and gets in the backseat)