Roman: You lose a victim? Cause PO at 21 said 'sorry for your loss.'
Burgess: Ruzek and I got together, I got pregnant, and I'm not anymore.

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We can beat this. We will beat it. We're Chicago.


Miller: Blaine was far from perfect.
Voight: You're right. But he was a good man. He died trying to protect a scared, vulnerable young mother. And how he did it? I mean, what rules he chose to ignore? Who cares? He was trying to do something good, that's what matters. You know, there was a time we actually forgave people for their mistakes. We understood that human beings are fallible. So you look at the sum of the parts. Does the good outweigh the bad? I mean, Mike Blaine, he gave his life doing something good... brave... noble. And that makes him a hero.