Jeannie: What do you think about inviting everybody else?
Ralph: Everybody like who?
Jeannie: Like whoever's had anything to do with Terry Maitland. Tameka, Jack Hawskins, Glory.
Ralph: I'm not sure what Holly's going to say, so if it ends up being something awful.
Jeannie: She needs to see that you're making some progress. She needs that pretty badly.

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The Outsider Season 1 Episode 6: "The One About the Yiddish Vampire"
The Outsider
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The Outsider Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Andy: Hey, how are you?
Holly: Good, Tracy Powell is on the news. I saw him two days ago at Heath Hoffsetter's gravesite. I talked to him, I took some photos, I was just wondering if there was any way.
Andy: You want me to look into it? I'm on it. Hey, can I tell you something that's true? I've been thinking about you all day and the sound of your voice right now, it's like...
Holly: Thank you. Good night, Andy.

Jeannie: Jesus Christ. Take two sledgehammers and call me in the morning.
Ralph: Hmmm. Honey, it's 5 o clock. Why don't you go back to bed for an hour or so? Alright, I'll make some coffee.
Jeannie: Woah. Wait, wait. What's this?
Ralph: That kid Merlin that we interviewed in Tennessee, the one who stole the white van. So, first of all, he tells us that he didn't see the guy who stole it. Then, he switched the story up, said he did see the guy. Being that he wasn't the most articulate eye-witness, we had him make a sketch of the guy's face, and that's what this is.
Ralph: That's what he said.
Jeannie: So, he saw him too?
Ralph: I don't know, Jeannie.