Marlin: Who is it?
EZ: Ezekiel Reyes. Can I talk to you?
Marlin: EZ Reyes, All valley pitcher. Marlin Buxer. I was a few years behind you. I played freshman ball.
EZ: Oh, right.
Marlin: Heard about that shit. You took a pretty hard left turn, huh?
EZ: Yeah, I guess so. You mind if I come in?
Marlin: Uh yeah, sure. My mom's in Punta Gorda with her friends. Ceramic class. That's where she makes all this tacky shit.
EZ: You live with your mom?
Miguel: I'm in-between places, really. Actually, I'm gonna put down a deposit on a condo next week — some new units off the canal.
EZ: Wow, things are going well for you, Marlin.
Marlin: Yeah, what do you need from me, EZ?
EZ: I just wanted to talk to you. About the Agricultural Park Project.
Marlin: Why? What the fuck does that have to do with you?
EZ: Come on, man. New car, new condo. That didn't happen on a clerk's paycheck.
Marlin: Okay. Um, I think you need to go, man.
EZ: We know the Chinese got to you. Probably made you an offer you couldn't refuse. Maybe they even threatened you. Cops are gonna pull your email and phone records, Marlin. Only one way you don't go to jail. Tell your boss the truth. You throw out the bid; it all stays internal. No one has to know.
Marlin: We know? You said we. Fuck, the next best bid. Galindo; Emily Thomas. Oh, Jesus Christ. You're doing this whole tough-guy biker shit for your old piece of ass. Dude, she is a cartel whore now. Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the fuck, man?
EZ: The only person I'm doing this for is you, Marlin. It's your ass on the line. Now get me your phone and your laptop.
Marlin: No, no, fuck you. You can't make me do that. Why don't you get out of my house?
EZ: Trust me, this isn't gonna go your way. Even a guy living in his mom's basement is smart enough to know that. Give me the tech. I just wanna look at it.
Marlin: Okay.
EZ: Shit.

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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 6: "Muluc"
Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Bishop: So big brother, how is he?
EZ: He's fucked up, but not broken. Somethings shifted.
Bishop: Keep him close.
EZ: Absolutely.

Happy: I was in Berdoo yesterday. Told Packer I had some bounty hunter up my ass questioning an old job. Had to pull anything I booked through his charter, make copies.
EZ: He keeps files on that shit?
Happy: Yeah, coded.
Angel: Have to. A lot of pieces of pie to be cut. Keeps us honest.
Happy: This one is the info for your folks.
EZ: Five entries.
Angel: Whats this number mean? WU3459.
EZ: Western union.
Happy: The last four digits. I id'd the branch, Hermosillo. Sonora, Mexico.
EZ: Sonora? Galindo.
Happy: Back then, could've been Lobo Sonora too. There were more players.
Angel: Well, five payments is somebody who's obviously trying to avoid having a big number flagged.
Happy: Most likely.
EZ: This period of time, Galindo Senior was already under the DOJ's thumb. If he wanted to get anything done behind their backs, he'd have to hide it.
Angel: Bury it in household accounts.