Logan: Well, obviously, I always wanted one of you kids to take over.
Shiv: Uh huh.
Logan: Well? What about it?
Shiv: [snickers] Yeah, we've done that. What about Tom?
Logan: So, no? If I keep going, if we fight, I have to name Kendall.
Shiv: Yeah. Yep! I see what this is! I see it! You know, I fucking see it. You've done a little dirty deal. What? So you keep Kendall on to kill the bid and then he takes over when you step down in a year? Squalid little back room deal. He blackmailed you, didn't he?
Logan: Oh, Shiv.
Shiv: No! No. If he takes over, I'll sell my shares. Yeah! I'll join Sandy and Stewy. I'll get Gil to go for you. Yeah. I mean, I'll kill him. I'll fucking kill him!
Logan: Shiv, why so angry? I haven't done a deal with Kendall. I do what I want. And what I've decided I'd like to do is to formally ask you to come in and be the next chief executive of this company.

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Succession Season 2 Episode 1: "The Summer Palace"
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Succession Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Kendall: Ewwww. Dude. Where did you get this?
Greg: It's from a connection. In the park.
Kendall: The park? I'm doing park coke? Are you fucking kidding me? That is just perfect. I'll be lucky if I have any nostrils left after this. If my septum falls out, I'm gonna make you eat my septum.

Shiv: God he looks terrible. He looks like a frozen corpse.
Tom: Yeah, he looks waxy, like an unshaven candle.