Cassie: Where is the Witness?
Tall Man: He's safe. One of two travelers outside of time. You brought him here Cassandra. The Witness is here... Mother.

Ramse: Well that took you long enough brother.
Cole: Saving your ass takes time.

Cole: You don't get it. I can't travel through time anymore. I don't have a machine.
Lillian: James Cole does not need a machine. Go down the rabbit hole.

Look at those towers Dr. Railly. Titan is his machine.


It took months, but I watched time repair itself. The red forest is gone for now. A memory of tomorrow.


This is exactly where we're supposed to be. Home.


Cassie: The Witness has his own machine?
Cole: We need to find it.

Cole: What if it's not over? The red forest. The plague. The Witness. What if Ramse never got him?
Cassie: I think we'd know.
Cole: How?
Cassie: We're still here. Your words. Time didn't collapse. Maybe this is just how it's meant to be.

Cole: Hey Jennifer... I'm Cole.
Jennifer: Are you real Cole?
Cole: Listen, I'm sorry I can't stick around, but do me a favor from this point forward don't ever call me otter eyes again.

Cassie: You're one of the twelve. You're a Messenger.
Charlie: I was, but I won't be. Not to her. I can't hurt her.
Cassie: I don't want to hurt her either.
Melinda: Charlie, today is the day I die.
Cassie: She's Primary, if you paradox her you'll destroy everyone. Everything.

We only have two days left to stop a paradox that will destroy the world and we don't have a single lead.


Hannah: What is this? This is how you lead?
Jennifer: Ah spoiler alert, I'm not wise old me. Am I? And if I'm being frank, my daughters are assholes.

12 Monkeys Season 2 Quotes

Help me stop those men and I'll go back, get you medicine.


Ramse: You know they're never gonna stop, right? Witness knows the future. They're always gonna be a step ahead. You wanna be running your whole life?
Cole: It's not about running. Cassie's gone. Maybe she made it to the future, maybe not. It's up to me now to stop the virus.