Look at those towers Dr. Railly. Titan is his machine.


Cole: Hey Jennifer... I'm Cole.
Jennifer: Are you real Cole?
Cole: Listen, I'm sorry I can't stick around, but do me a favor from this point forward don't ever call me otter eyes again.

Cole: What if it's not over? The red forest. The plague. The Witness. What if Ramse never got him?
Cassie: I think we'd know.
Cole: How?
Cassie: We're still here. Your words. Time didn't collapse. Maybe this is just how it's meant to be.

Ramse: Well that took you long enough brother.
Cole: Saving your ass takes time.

This is exactly where we're supposed to be. Home.


Cassie: Where is the Witness?
Tall Man: He's safe. One of two travelers outside of time. You brought him here Cassandra. The Witness is here... Mother.

It took months, but I watched time repair itself. The red forest is gone for now. A memory of tomorrow.


Cassie: The Witness has his own machine?
Cole: We need to find it.

Cole: You don't get it. I can't travel through time anymore. I don't have a machine.
Lillian: James Cole does not need a machine. Go down the rabbit hole.

Spend any time in the hospital? Draw things you see in your head? Monkeys? Hear voices, talking about things that haven't happened yet? Red forest? Green to red?


Cassie: You're one of the twelve. You're a Messenger.
Charlie: I was, but I won't be. Not to her. I can't hurt her.
Cassie: I don't want to hurt her either.
Melinda: Charlie, today is the day I die.
Cassie: She's Primary, if you paradox her you'll destroy everyone. Everything.

Hannah: What is this? This is how you lead?
Jennifer: Ah spoiler alert, I'm not wise old me. Am I? And if I'm being frank, my daughters are assholes.

12 Monkeys Season 2 Quotes

Help me stop those men and I'll go back, get you medicine.


Ramse: You know they're never gonna stop, right? Witness knows the future. They're always gonna be a step ahead. You wanna be running your whole life?
Cole: It's not about running. Cassie's gone. Maybe she made it to the future, maybe not. It's up to me now to stop the virus.