You're not surprised by this? Nilaa supporting terrorists? You know her just as well as I do. How come you're not disoriented by all this?


Henry: He said he had evidence I had bought off-market oil from ISIL. Threatened to go public with it.
John: Is it true? Dad?
Henry: One of our major pipelines blew up a year before. We were faced with a catastrophic shortfall. My general director cut a deal.
John: So you bought oil from terrorists.

John: You know, it struck me how easily you were able to turn against Nilaa without blinking. But it never occurred to me you could so something so terrible.
Henry: Wasn't me.
John: Wasn't you?
Henry: Wasn't me.

Ben: I never wanted the terrorists to get the list!
Eric: There was an easy way to do that, Ben. Not steal it from me in the first place!

Luis: Henry, you asked me to handle your mess. I'm handling it.
Henry: Givin' up those soldiers was bad enough, but now Nilaa.
Luis: It's our only play. Unless you're ready to burn down John's campaign and everything you spent your life trying to build.

John: Why would she do that?
Rebecca: I'm not sure yet. But the upshot is that she may be facilitating a terrorist attack on domestic soil.

Luis: My guy was able to hack the ATM camera, change the time stamp. Rebecca's already pulled the footage. And she has a record that Nilaa was at campaign headquarters when the file was breached.
Henry: And there are no other cameras, there's no other way that CTU can confirm CTU's story?
Luis: I went over the route myself, twice. CTU won't be able to trace the leak back to you.
Henry: That's what you said the first time.

I have four potential hostiles. I need to warn Carter.


The terrorists. They got away with the list.


Son, I don't know what else to tell you other than that she is a liability. John, you will not win in November if you have a campaign manager who prayed for the death of American soldiers.


We're blown. The whole squad.


Eric: No one can know where she is. These people after me? They are serious.
Isaac: So am I.