Judd: You do have a problem. My wife Grace is the best person I've known. Her life's work is saving lives. Her life's work is saving people. If she saved one life per shift, and that's conservative, then by my estimation, she saved 2050 lives, she saved 2051, if you want to count me, right? Which she saved numeral times. So a piece of trash like you gets to snuff her out and live? What does that mean?
Owen: Judd, that's enough, let him go!
Judd: Why?
Mr. Williams: Because Gracie's awake, son. She's awake, Judd. And the first person she asked for was you. She needs you son.
Owen: Hey, hey!
Judd: Grace just saved your life too. She just saved your life too.

Mr. Williams: The question to you, son, is what are you willing to sacrifice for my daughter?
Judd: Whatever it takes.
Mr. Williams: I was hoping you'd say that. You see for generations this family has been marching for its destiny. I'm afraid that can't happen if you're apart of it.
Judd: OK, what it comes down to is that I'm the wrong color.
Mr. Williams: Oh no no no, I'm not talking about your skin, Judd. I'm talking about the color of your collar.

Judd: Hey, girl.
Grace: Hey, my love.
Judd: You gave us a scare there for a minute.
Grace: You know I wasn't going anywhere, Judd. Wherever you go, that's where I'mma be. That's the deal, right?
Judd: That's the deal.

Grace just saved your life too. She just saved your life too.


Grace: Judd, I love you. I loved you before I met you, and I happen to know that you love me too.
Judd: You're wrong.
Grace: I don't believe you. Look at me in my eyes and tell me that you don't love me.
Judd: I don't love you. K?

Mr. Williams: My question to you, son, is what are you willing to sacrifice for my daughter?
Judd: Whatever it takes.

Charles: What about you? You sure you aren't smitten?
Judd: No, I'm in love.

Tommy: She's a fighter, Judd. She laid you out.
Judd: In just one punch.
Tommy: Don't you go underestimating our girl.

Grace: Judd, this is a prayer help hotline.
Judd: I prayed that you would answer. That means it works, right?

Where's Grace? Where's my wife? Cap, where's my girl?


Grace: I feel like I'm dreaming, Judd.
Judd: If I'm dreaming, I don't want to wake up.

Grace: You're so tall.
Judd: You're so beautiful.

9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Judd, Judd, Judd, wake up! Judd!


Grace: Hello? Hello? You just take your time. I'm right here.
Judd: I apologize. I don't even know why I called this number.
Grace: You wanna tell me your name?
Judd: I'll just make something up.
Grace: Fair enough. How about I call you John?
Judd: It's as good as any.
Grace: You said you don't know why you made this call tonight. Do you think it was because you were led to?
Judd: Hey, look, I'm sorry. I thought I was in some kind of confessional mood, but I ain't really much of a talker when it comes down to it.
Grace: That's OK. You don't have to say anything if you don't want to. God knows what's on your heart anyway.
Judd: You can't hide from God.
Grace: Yeah, he truly sees everything.
Judd: You can't even hide from yourself in the end though. I thought I could. I've been doing a pretty fair job of it for about ten years, you know? Hiding behind a uniform and pretending that that uniform is me, but it ain't.
Grace: You in the military, John?
Judd: Oh, naw, hell no. I ain't brave enough for that. I'm a firefighter.
Grace: I think most people would consider that quite brave.
Judd: They'd be right for that, but no, I ain't no hero.