Wait, so we're never getting back together.


There's no way to continue what you're doing here today. We're shutting down the 126 permanently.


I have no idea how I'm going to make this work, but these are my people. This is home.


Don't you worry about us, go save the world.


Mateo Chavez. He's my probie. He's with the 129 today.


You're my mentor for how I want to be as a paramedic, as a captain, and hopefully, one day, as a winfe and mom.


Tommy: I want you two to know that working with you has been the greatest blessing of my professional career.
TK: You're not coming back, are you?
Tommy: I can't. The girls are going to need me for this next part of this chapter.

Tommy: Charles', uh, his life insurance came in. It's more than I expected, it's enough for the girls, so I'm thinking it's my turn.
Judd: What do you mean?
Tommy: The reason I put that uniform back on was to support my family.

You little girls have already lost a parent. Don't let them lose another.


George: What would do if this was your loved one? What would you do?
Tommy: Anything. Anything.

It's kind of fitting that the whole world is coming back and my world is falling apart.


Okay, listen, there's something I have to tell you girls. There was an accident last night.


9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Quotes

Vazquez: You have no idea how that feels. No idea.
Owen: Oh, but I do, lieutenant. You see, on 9/11, the one day this country swore it would never forget, it did. Those of us who were there that day we don't have that luxury. We don't get to forget, and I know too many people who survived that day only to die years later forgotten because their problems were too expensive and too inconvenient, so yeah, I understand your rage. 

Cop: And if he just decided to shoot at us with the cannon? 
Carlos: Duck. 

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