Jen: Screw crazy bitch.
Naomi: Screw you...I love you too.

I'm gonna kill Dixon.


How is nearly having a stroke okay?

Adrianna [to Dixon]

I'll hire a nurse who specializes in treating severe cases of bitch.

Naomi [to Jen]

If you don't stop talking and put that thermometer in your mouth, I will find another place to stick it.

Naomi [to Jen]

Why does every guy think that the answer to a girl's problems is to get a guy.


Maybe some guy will find your compulsive do-gooding attractive.

Preston [to Annie]

I've been here an hour and no one's done a cartwheel in a bikini yet.

Preston [to Annie]

That flight was like a petri dish.


I don't care about penetrating PJ's compound.


Not talking is pretty much my specialty.


Apparently they don't believe in breath mints on her planet.


90210 Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

You would seriously go to college for that? Damn...white people have money to burn.


You've really got to stop worrying about me and my digestive system.

Dixon [to Annie]