If it makes you feel any better, everyone has seen me naked, too.

Silver [to Annie]

Keeping an economically-challenged teacher around, keeps me from avoiding the label [of gold digger].


Navid: Girls never say what they mean.
Dixon: Yeah. They're not dudes. We're very straighforward.

Navid: I'm a journalist. Journalists don't pull punches.
Adrianna: They also don't attack someone just because he used to date their girlfriend.

If you don't tell Naomi the truth, she's gonna ruin me.

Annie [to Liam]

Liam: Just so you know, I didn't sleep with your sister.
Dixon: I don't wanna talk about Annie. Me and her, we're like two different people.

An idle Liam makes for very bad things.


Dixon [to Teddy]: Aren't you supposed to be Roger Federer or something?
Teddy: More like Nadal.

I like Deb way more than she likes me.


Teddy: I enjoy watching beautiful girls beg.
Adrianna: You're evil.

Teddy is amazing. Trust me, Teddy is amazing.

Adrianna [to Navid]

Me and Annie are doing our own thing now. I'm done dealing with her crap.


90210 Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I feel free. New year. New Dixon.


Me and Dixon, we have something really special. Just because we made a mistake doesn't mean it's over.