Navid: Am I Batman or Robin?
Liam: Do you even need to ask that?

I should've known, where there's smoke, there's you.

Silver [to Adrianna]

I am not the kind of girl who can wait until Christmas morning to unwrap her present.


Being with you is all the air and food I need.

Adrianna [to Navid]

Going to Paris without a Chanel bag is like going to St. Barths without sunscreen. It is not healthy.


Liam some lies are good lies, that's what families do.


At some point you're gonna have to stop trying to make everyone else happy because Silver's only trying to make herself happy.


Oh Annie it's so cute that you're keeping your sense of humor during this family tragedy you created.


Look you're hot and all, but I'm exhausted so hop back on your mommy porn tour bus and get a real life.


They're Leobelles, fans of Annabelle and Leo.


Like recording some back up vocals to your song, or I could record the sound of you getting diabetes.

Dixon [to Michaela]

Okay Annie was a hooker and my wrap sheet was a mile long. We still love you.


90210 Season 5 Quotes

I am holding out for a life with someone who cares about me, not some crazy lying bitch.


Max: Naomi Clark you promised me a wedding.
Naomi: Yes I did.
Max: Will you marry me?