Everyone responds to tragedy in different ways. It's never just one stone; it's a bunch of stones stacked up on each other.


Katherine: What's going on? What is it?
Eddie: I want to come home. There's nothing I want more, but I promised you no more lies, so there is something I need to tell you.

I want to give you everything you want. I do. But I don't want this.


Even after all this, you're still my best friend. Jon, you used to say that everything happens for a reason which I thought was ridiculous. But I found that reason. You would have loved her. Maybe she's right. Maybe I tried to save her like I couldn't save you. I wish I could have saved you. I'm sorry I didn't. I just want to say the one thing I never got to say. Goodbye.


You wanted a baby, you got one.


Gary: I wish he was here.
Maggie: I know.
Gary: He really did try to take care of all of us.
Maggie: it's like she said, he tried to make up for the fact that he couldn't save Dave. Gary, you have to make sure you aren't doing the same thing.

I really want to raise a person with you.


Gina: What is happening?
Rome: When I found that pregnancy stick in the garbage, I thought you were pregnant. I liked it.

Regina: This is a car people get when they're having kids in the next couple of years.
Rome: I think we should get it.

So that's why in the letter he said he was broken long before he met me.


That day at the airport when you told me to find something to live for, I did. Delilah was the love of my life, for 17 years she gave me more than she ever could know. I just couldn't tell her.


Mitch, let her in.


A Million Little Things Season 1 Quotes

John: Friendship is when you don't care when your buddy throws up in your car when you're taking him back from chemo.
Gary: And yet he keeps mentioning it.
John: Friendship is believing that your friend will one day make his movie.
Rome: What do you think I'm doing?
John: Friendship is holding a friend's hand when she loses her restaurant even though you know she's going to open up a better one. It's the person that you trust with your wallet, and your keys, and your wife, and your kids and it's being able to have the hard conversations and willing to listen. It's a million little things.
Everyone: A million little things.
John: A million little things.

You've gotta stop avoiding Regina. It's been a week.