The Sokovia Accords are a joke. We don't need registration, we need extermination.


Now you have to spend all your time Daisy-proofing security.


A little gift for Daisy.


Cap, Agent Carter... They were my heroes growing up.


May: We all care about Daisy.
Lincoln: It's not the same!
May: No, the rest of us have known her a lot longer.

I had to shoot him three times just to shut him up.


My friends at S.H.I.E.L.D. want to stop wars, not start them.


Mack: Daisy's my partner, this is on me.
May: Why is everyone making this about themselves?

Sometimes the world's greatest miracles happen by accident.


Fitz: Things are about to get complicated.
Simmons: You mean once we have sex?

Hive: He was fond of you, Grant Ward.
Daisy: And I'm glad he's dead.

May: Coulson has another way. But it's risky and irresponsible.
Mack: Then why are you smiling?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Quotes

Mack: We lost Fitz again huh? He out there chasing down another ghost story?
Bobbi: He has a theory.
Mack: He's always got a new theory. That's why he locked up that damn rock and won't let anyone in.
Bobbi: He wouldn't dare go in there. He's not totally irrational. The process of digging just helps him cope.
Mack: No, it keeps him from coping. Look, I love the fact that he won't give up hope. I do. But the man's a scientist and the evidence is pointing one way.

Daisy: We try to protect people like you from the world, or from yourself. Unless we have to defend the world against you.
Joey: People like me? What is happening to me?
Daisy: You've experienced what's called a biomorphic event. Short version, your DNA changed.