In remembrance of our fearless leader Phillip J. Coulson. He gave us his wisdom, his love, and his life (a couple of times).

Memorial Plaque

I’ve lived a life surrounded by heroes. None bigger than all of you.


Daisy: I can’t do it! I can’t go out there, especially not alone!
Coulson: I’ve given you all the tools you need to handle this. Now, you find the strength in your heart to appeal to his good nature. And if you can’t, find the strength in your arms to beat his ass senseless.

I’m aware that we rolled the dice with Coulson, and I still believe that we need him for this, but I admit that I let my emotions get the best of me. I thought that Coulson was the only one who could keep us on the same page. [looks at Yo-Yo] You would say that’s proof that I can’t do the job. That I shouldn’t lead. [long pause] Well, I agree. The truth is, I can’t hold the team together. [looks at Mack] But he can. Coulson wants me to call the shots in his absence. Well, that’s my decision. Mack should call the shots. He has the biggest heart. I mean, physically, but also, you know… You are our moral center.


Yo-Yo: I heard you were up.
Coulson: ‘Up’ would imply the ability to stand. I’m not there yet.

Yo-Yo: You’re going to die.
Mack: Well. Everyone dies. And on that day, we’ll have to answer up there for what we’ve done down here.
Yo-Yo: It’s not God I’m afraid of.

Yo-Yo: You won’t listen! I am in a nightmare, and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs and not one of you can hear me!
Simmons: We hear you!
Yo-Yo: But you won’t *listen*! You all saw what happened, and none of you will help me stop this! [turns to Mack] I’m alone. Even you, even you won’t help me.
Mack: No. You’re not alone. We’re in this with you, but you need to hold it together.
Yo-Yo: There’s nothing holding us together!
Mack: Yes, there is! HOPE! We never give up. We’re always held together by hope! So we cling to it, and we vote. We vote.

He would never give up on Talbot! And he would never see him as a maniac! He would see him as a man, a broken *man*! Coulson’s the only one who could talk him through this, that’s what he does!

Daisy [about Coulson]

May: So we either save Coulson…
Yo-Yo: Or we save the world.

‘Scuse me, fellas! Just lookin’ for the men’s room. You know there’s one close by? [Remorath draw their blades.] You know what, on second thought, I’m actually just going to find a corner somewhere. [runs away]


You can’t escape without, you know, *escaping*!


Coulson: Far too quiet in here. That make anyone nervous?
Deke: Maybe it’s Remorath nap time.
May: Then we need to wake one up and ask for directions. All these hallways look the same.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Quotes

Mack: What’s going on?!
Coulson [gestures at an unconscious Virgil]: I was about to find out!
Mack: Oh, my bad! I see a dirty-looking dude hovering over you with a crazy-looking gun, I acted on impulse!

Virgil: You’re here. Agent Coulson of SHIELD. You’ve come to save us!
Coulson: Just to clarify, where is “here,” who is “us,” and from what?!