And to paraphrase our fearless leader, let's bring our baby back.


C: I'm a trans man. I didn't know if you knew. Um, and yeah, I hate drive thrus, and fabric softener, and contrary to popular opinion, I thought that Game of Thrones was overrated.
Rachel: OK, I- yeah, that is a problem.
C: Yeah.
Rachel: But how do you feel about House of Dragons?

Nikki: You were suppposed to stay over to help me grieve.
Jason: Well, I did. Sex is a way to cope with grief.
Nikki: Then we did a copious amount of coping then.
Jason: Whatever hapepned to that couch?
Nikki: I don't know. It was a nice couch, though.

I don't care if the Vice President is in town. I don't care if it's the President. I don't care if it's the Pope. I dodn't care if it's the ghost of Queen Elizabeth. She needs a babysitter; she can pay $20 like everye else. One of ours is missing. Forget the motorcade and help us find her, please!


Gloria: You will hlep me. Understand!
Henry: Help you how?
Gloria: We have to get rid of the body!

Evelyn: Get away from my son.
Nikki: Your son?
Evelyn: Tell them, Lucas. Tell these nice people you've been lying to them the whole time.

Kemi: Her and Jason being on one side,you on the other. Blended familis are hard, and no matter what, they could be doing nothing, and it wouldn't make iany sense; there's gotta be times you have to feel like the odd man out.
Mike: It has nothign to do with that, and no , I don't.
Kemi:So you're never jealous?
Mike: No.
Kemi: Nervous?
Mike: Nope.
Kemi: Worried?
Mike: Absolutely not.
Kemi: OK, then act like it.

Nikki: I know what you're thinking, but a child is being harvested for parts. J is doing the best to keep that from happening. Mike: Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is still doing the wrong thing. But what I'm thinking is I don't really have a better idea.

Mike: You gave me your word, Nik.
Nikki: I know.
Mike: Your word.
Nikki: And part of me wishes that I would have kept it.
Mike: And the other part?
Nikki: Wishes that you underestood why I didn't'.

Beth: I'm not burying my child.
Nikki: But because of that, six mothers had to bury theirs.

Mike: Hey, dad. I, um, I understand if you don't want to see me.
Mike Sr: I think you everyday, youre my son. Every day for the last 20 years, I was hoping for this day.

Keith: I'm ready to talk about it.
Jason: Talk about what?
Keith: I'm ready to talk about the kidnapping.

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Quotes

Mike: Kem, I love you, but we don't have time for that.
Kemi: Sure, if facts were all that will find Chloe, but, as I believe, finding her is equal parts faith and fact. Time spent praying is time well spent.
Nikki: Preach.

I don't understand how you do that, Nik. I don't understand how you search for other people's kids when we never found ours. Some marriages could survive that type of loss. I'm sorry ours couldn't. Keith would be 17 next week.