Ms. Patty is special. Smart and feisty, and her heart, well, it's solid gold. Ever since I moved to Philly last year seeing Patty has been the highlight of my day.


We're just going to keep pretending something isn't wrong?

Mike [to Nikki]

Kidnapper: Make the damn call, lady.
Ms. Patty: That gun supposed to scare me?

Jason: Is that about me?
Nikki: ISn't it always?

Wayne: How is it that you know so much about hip-hop?
Jason: Because I'm a G.

Jay: How can I help?
Braun: It's more how I can help you. More specifically how I can help you help Captain Batista. She's doing good work here, but there's only one thing standing in her way, and that's you.

I'm not doing this for Isabel. I'm doing it for Gemma. What she did, it saved my life. So I will save hers.


What does Hollis Braun not want me to see?


In what world does Michael B. Jordan beat Carl Weathers? It just doesn't happen!


Mike: This place smells like a jockstrap.
Jay: that's soul you're smelling.

EspaƱol, mi amor, you're supposed to be learning Spanish. What happened to that?

Nikki [to Mike]

Mike: Maybe we should consider it. Do we start down that path; start our own cycle?
Nikki: I don't know. Maybe we should start with the wedding and then we go from there.

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Quotes

Mike: Kem, I love you, but we don't have time for that.
Kemi: Sure, if facts were all that will find Chloe, but, as I believe, finding her is equal parts faith and fact. Time spent praying is time well spent.
Nikki: Preach.

I don't understand how you do that, Nik. I don't understand how you search for other people's kids when we never found ours. Some marriages could survive that type of loss. I'm sorry ours couldn't. Keith would be 17 next week.