Niki: Our past business doesn't color our present, Charlie.
Charlie: Coming down here is me being courteous ... respectful. Don't give me a reason not to be.
Nikki: Due respect. I am sorry you wasted your time. We are MPU and we are finding this missing person.

Nikki: There's just some things you don't know.
Mike: What are you talking about?
Nikki: I'm a woman of color in a male-dominated profession. No one was looking after me, so I looked out for myself.

Kemi: You're not going to find anything. OK, one of my previous existences involved a very physically gratifying relationship with one of the founding fathers. Fix your face; it happened.
Helen: Sounds cool. What does she mean?
Jay: She played Hide the Pickle with Ben Franklin in a past life.

Kemi: Are you calling my past lives a mental condition?
Helen: That sounded bad.
Kemi: A little bit. Here's a tip: most people wait at least a week before they call me crazy.

Mike: Charlie McGannon, you know anything about their arrangement?
Jay: Let me ask you a question, are you mad that she has a mob connection or that you didn't know about it?
Mike: Can I say both?
Jay: Yeah, let me give you some advice; Nikki can handle herself; don't try to white knight her.
Mike: White?
Jay: Everything's not about race.
Mike: I'm just saying, white knight is good, black knight is bad, can a brotha save the day?

Helen: A gift for our team in the court, from the case files I've read, like the yin and yang represent the inseparable contradictory.
Jason: That's good. That's appropriate, too; One's white and one is black.
Helen: Oh, I didn't mean...

Hollis: You follow football, Nikki?
Nikki: It's Philly, do you have a choice?
Hollis: An individual can make a difference, but a team can make a miracle.
Nikki: Fly, Eagles fly.

Oh, wait, Jason Grant, right? All temper, no finesse. Apparently couldn't even get his own son back.


Nikki: Tell me we're going to be okay here.
Mike: we're going to be okay.

Both of you just promise me you're using protection.

Nikki [to Jason and Sid]

Hollis: MPU's closure rate is truly excellent. Truly stellar. But the Jason Grant situation, I know, you two have history, but he's a lawsuit waiting to happen, shooting at parked cars, turning the video off during interrogation.
Nikki: Detective Grant is also the best cop in Philly; my team all of us we focus on getting the job done.
Hollis: You want to explain how eggs play into that?
Nikki: One of my people is a shaman.
Hollis: One of my dogs likes to eat its own crap if I let him, but I don't because I know better. The thing is, you tick all my boxes, Nikki. I have many, so if you're not quite in control of your team, we'll get you there. Don't worry; I'm a world-class expert in making problems go away.

Nikki: You never mentioned Wayne is a woman.
Wayne: My parents had a sense of humor.

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Quotes

Mike: Kem, I love you, but we don't have time for that.
Kemi: Sure, if facts were all that will find Chloe, but, as I believe, finding her is equal parts faith and fact. Time spent praying is time well spent.
Nikki: Preach.

I don't understand how you do that, Nik. I don't understand how you search for other people's kids when we never found ours. Some marriages could survive that type of loss. I'm sorry ours couldn't. Keith would be 17 next week.