The Baker men, we do what we have to to win. I'm just following in your footsteps.

Jordan [to Billy]

We made it, Spence. Me and you.

Coop [to Spencer]

I'm proud of you, son. All-American.

Billy [to Spencer]

I'm framing this.

Grace [to Spencer]

It's not a breakup, just a rewind, to boyfriend and girlfriend who are madly in love.

Simone [to Jordan]

It's supposed to be the glowing bride, not the glowering bride.

Robert [to Simone]

Jordan: Things change.
Layla: Have they, or are they just changing for Simone?

Spencer: You've got to be kidding me.
Grace: In my house, you listen first.

I'm your husband, Simone. Wherever you go, I'll be right there with you.

Jordan [to Simone]

Damon: I don't know why I told you all that, man.
Spencer: Clearly you needed to tell somebody.

Turner: Sometimes you gotta take one for the team.
Damon: I'll leave you to your goodbyes, Coach.

Simone: What'd I miss?
Jordan: Just ... gross.
Simone: She's going after what she wants.

All American Quotes

Spencer: What the hell are you doing?
Jordan: I'm picking you up.
Spencer: In your red car, in your red hat? You're like a Bloods poster board man, you're gonna get your head blown off! [laughs] I'm just playing. I'm just playing.

Billy: Take it from me, my experience. Every player out there is just one injury away from needing a backup plan.
Spencer: I appreciate the offer Coach, but I don't need a backup. This is where I belong.