I need you to listen with your ears, not your mouth.

Billy [to Jordan]

You didn't miss us because you replaced us.

Spencer [to Corey]

Grace: I don't know what Corey's thinking.
Spencer: Whatever he's thinking, he wasn't thinking about us.

Billy: Son, can I talk to you?
Jordan: Save your speeches for the team.

Emma: I had to set up that table by myself.
Layla: You handled that herculean task all by yourself?

I'm sorry to have intruded on your little family reunion.

Spencer [to Corey]

Spencer: I wasn't planning to tell anyone until I decided what to do.
Layla: Oh, so I'm just anyone now.

Billy: Why didn't you call me?
Laura: I didn't call you because I've got it handled.
Billy: Oh, really?

Coop: I'm still the same person.
Spencer: Not from what I just saw.

Patience: Maybe I could come over and give you some inspiration.
Coop: I like the sound of that.

Olivia: Hey, does she look like ...
Spencer: Your mom. Yeah,

Olivia: Ever since Dad moved out, [Laura]'s been trying way too hard to make our lives seem normal.
Spencer: Ain't nothing normal about this.

All American Quotes

It's best to find what you need in the people who are there for you, not the ones who let you down. Some wells, they just, they run dry.


Asher: How much is this going to cost you?
Spencer: I don't know yet, but it's coming. My mom said the free stuff always comes with the biggest cost.